Bow Hunter Bulk Pack - Same Angle Target D 18"X24" "Whitetail Deer Broadside Shot" (9 Target Bulk Pack)

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Bowhunter Target D "Bulk Pack" (9 Same Angle Target)

The Deer Hunter Series - Preseason Simulation Targets

Shur Kill Targets SKU: BBH18X24-D

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Our "Bulk Pack of Targets" have been specifically assembled for Bowhunter's preseason shooting practice using compound bows, recurve bows, primitive bows and crossbows.  These targets will assist hunters who find themselves having difficulty achieving their desired level of success at a specific target angle.  For this reason, we have assembled nine (9) of the same angle target per pack as a cost effective way to help a hunter buy only the targets they need to practice more.  Please keep in mind that these "Bulk Pack of Targets" are not "Bow Systemr Kits".  

  • Target Size:  18" X 24"  Full Color, Poster Grade Paper Target Folded.
  • Quantity Per Bulk Pack:  10 each of the same angle target per pack.
  • Manufactured in USA under an exclusive copyright license agreement, patent pending. 
  • Each Shur Kill Target "Kill-Zone Grid Area" has been computer designed with "Accu-Grid" Anatomy Mapping Technology for correct  kill-zone shot placement.  In use, this"Kill-Zone Grid Area" becomes imperceptible at shooting distance to simulate realistic hunting conditions. 
  • Our Shur Kill 18"X24" Bowhunter Simulation Targets can be used with any safe arrow backstop, but are  also designed to fit most popular 24" X 24" or smaller foam archery shooting blocks or bags.  Smaller foam  shooting blocks or bags may require minor modifications of target to fit properly.

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  • Customers located in Alaska & Hawaii must purchase quantity of five (5) "Bulk Packs" or more to receive "Free Shipping".

Shipping Charges For Customers Located Outside The Continental USA:  

  • After customer selects USPS, UPS, or Fedex shipping charge from our Oregon, USA warehouse, the "Shipping Charge" will be added to your invoice at checkout.

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