Bow Hunter Kit - 18"X24" Five (5) Different Angle Targets A, B, C, D & E Marksman System Kit (1 Set of 5 Different Angle Targets Per Kit)

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Bow Hunter 18"x24" Five Different Angle Targets A-E Marksman System Kit (1 Set of Five Different Angle Targets A-E Per Kit)

The Deer Angle Target Series - Preseason Simulation Targets

Shur Kill Targets SKU:  KBH18X24-AE    UPC: 853976008026

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Specifically designed for Bowhunter preseason shooting using compound bows, recurve bows, primitive bows, and crossbows.  This Shur Kill Deer Hunter Series is perfect for:

  • Preseason Practice for the Experienced Big Game Bowhunter
  • Youth Bowhunter and New Bowhunter Training
  • Bowhunter Education Programs Emphasing "Ethical Bowhunting Shooting Skills"
  • Archery Target Ranges - Indoor and Outdoor
  • Hunt Clubs and Leases
  • Guides and Outfitters - Qualify Your Client's Ability
  • Competition Shooting

 This Bow Hunter Preseason Simulation Target Kit contains:

Five (5) each 18" X 24" (Total of 5 targets) Full Color, Poster Grade Paper Targets Folded of Trophy Deer in five hunting angles and positions encountered in real hunting scenarios as follows:

  • Target A - The Frontal Shot
  • Target B - The Quartering Away Shot
  • Target C - The Front Quarter Shot
  • Target D - The Broadside Shot
  • Target E - The Partially Obstructed Shot

Note:  Each Shur Kill Target "Kill-Zone Grid Area" has been computer designed with "Accu-Grid Anatomy Mapping Technology for correct kill-zone shot placement.  In use, this "Kill-Zone Grid Area" becomes imperceptible at shooting distance to simulate realistic hunting conditions.

  • Two (2) Score Cards with the Maximum Performance Simulation Training (MPST) Bowhunter Rating System to test and track your skill level.
  • Repair Stickers so you can use each target for two (2) more shooting rounds.
  • "Taking The Shot" Mini-Field Manual with Scientific Kill-Zone Commentary and Instructional Color Graphics to help improve your shot placement.
  • Detailed Shooting Instructions with Scientific Commentary on Kill-Zone Shots from a Professional Wildlife Osteologist and the Designer of Shur Kill Targets.  "Hunters helping hunters to become better hunters".  
  • Proud Hunter Window Decal 6" X 3"
  • Shooting Blocks & Bags:  Our Shur Kill 18"X24" Bow Hunter Simulation Targets can be used with any safe arrow backstop, but are also designed to fit most popular 24" X 24" or smaller foam archery shooting blocks or bags.  Smaller foam shooting blocks or bags may require minor modifications of target to fit properly.


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    Bowhunter Targets

    Posted by Michael Gierke on Sep 5th 2018

    I was asked to field test the new Shurkilltargets. Upon arrival, I found the product to be unique. The quality of the graphics and directions are excellent. I was excited to field test all five of the Bow targets with my crossbow. I live and hunt in the U.P. of Michigan. most of the deer hunting is done in heavily forested areas. Hunters clear shooting lanes in areas where deer come and go from feeding to bedding areas. My blind is located in a thick swamp of approximately 3000 acres My shooting lane is 35 yards long and 25 feet wide. Deer crossing or momentarily stopping in these lanes rarely present the perfect standing broadside shot. I have been targeting a 180 class buck for two years. He presented himself twice in this two year period. I was reluctant to take the shot, once he was straight on (frontal) and the other he was quartering away.
    A wounded deer in this 3000-acre swamp is something I could not chance ethically. I took all 5 of the Shurkill Bow targets back to my blind. I first placed the Frontal and Frontal Quartering target at the 35 yards range. Almost the identical location the "Narenta Phantom" was standing last Oct. I was able to place 4 of my 5 bolts in the kill zone on both targets. I next placed the quartering target slightly inside the wood line and sent 5 bolts down range. Once again I placed 4 of 5 bolts in the kill zone. Practicing with these targets was fun and educational. I now have the confidence to send a bolt down range should one of these angles present themselves. I used the hole stickers to repair the targets and will go back at least one more time before Oct. 1st. The quality and price point is excellent. Just maybe this year the Narenta Phantom will be on the wall. I would highly recommend this product

  • 5
    Product looks good

    Posted by Brent on Aug 23rd 2018

    I have not had a chance to use the targets yet. I've showed them to our club members and they really liked them. When our club shoot starts up we will use them.

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