Bragging Rights

             Under Construction

This webpage is devoted to Hunter Achievement Skill Levels & the "Bragging Rights" that comes with success.

It's a place where your name will be placed to let others know about your marksmanship skill level ranking for mastering deer hunting angle shots in 5 yards (New Hunters), 25 yards, 50 yards, and 100 yards.  Ranking will be on a state and national basis utilizing our New Hunter 3 target Starter Kit 0500 or our more advanced 5 Target Kits 1000 (Gun), 3000 (XBow)  and 5000 (Bow).  

We plan to have this site working by July 2020 or before.

Start mastering targets NOW and be the first to post your name as a:

Intermediate Deer Gunhunter Marksman

Intermediate Deer Bowhunter Marksman

Intermediate Deer XBowhunter Marksman


Expert Deer Gunhunter Marksman 

Advance Deer Gunhunter Marksman 


Expert Deer Bowhunter Marksman 

Advance Deer Bowhunter Marksman 


Expert Deer XBowhunter Marksman 

Advance Deer XBowhunter Marksman