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Designed For Indoor And Outdoor Shooting Ranges



Our 11"x14" Sized Gunhunter Simulation Targets Are Specifically Designed With The Indoor/Outdoor Shooting Range In Mind.

Indoor Firearm And Airgun Shooting Ranges

Most Indoor Shooting Range Lanes Generally Are 25 Yards (75 Feet) Long Or More. This Means Indoor Shooters Shooting At Minimum Distance (5-7 Yards) Using Open Sights Or Red Dot Sights on Handguns, Centerfire Rifles, .22s, and Airguns Can Normally See The Scoring Grids On Our Targets For Familiarization With The Kill-Zones At All The Various Angles. But When Real Hunting Simulation Is Desired, The Shooter Can Extend Their Target Distance Down The Shooting Lane To 10 Yards (30 Feet) Or More, And Our Scoring Kill-Zone Grids Usually Disappear Using Open Sights Or Red Dot Sights (The Distance Can Vary A Little Depending Upon The Level Of Indoor Light). This Means A Handgun Or Small Bore Rifle Shooter Who Is Familiar Shooting At Standard 10 Meter (33 Feet) Targets Will Have No Problem Switching It Up And Taking Their Normal Target Practice Into A Hunting Simulation Experience With Our Targets. And Of Course, The Shooter Can Greatly Enhance Their Open Sight Or Red Dot Sight Hunting Simulation Challenge By Taking Those Targets Further Down The Shooting Lane...And We Are Here To Tell You, Scoring An "Expert Hunter" Skill Level Off Hand And "Quick Shot", On All Our Targets At 25 Yards With Open Sights...

Now That Is Some Real Impressive Shooting!

For Scoped Weapons On Indoor Shooting Ranges We Recommend No More Than A 4x Magnification Power Setting (Actually 3Xs Or Less Is Much Better). For Familiarization With Kill-Zone Grid Shooting, Any Distance From 10 Yards To 15 Yards Is Usually Fine And You Can Usually See The Scoring Grids While You Are Shooting With A Scope. For Hunt Simulation Where You Do Not Want To See The Scoring Grids, We Recommend 25 Yards Or More To Get A Realistic Simulation Effect.


Outdoor Firearm And Airgun Shooting Ranges

 Outdoor Range Shooting Has Many Benefits, Usually Including The Ability To Shoot Longer Distances, And Often Outdoor Shooting Offers A Better Quality Of Natural Light For Sights And Targets. Open Sight Or Red Dot Sight Handgun, Centerfire Rifle, Small Bore Rifle, And Airgun Shooting Is Pretty Much The Same Outdoors As It Is With Indoor Shooting With A Small Extension Of Distance Potentially Necessary Because Of Natural Available Light Before The Scoring Grids Disappear.

When It Comes To Shooting Scoped Weapons, However, Outdoor Ranges Come Into Their Own Due To The Greater Distances Afforded On Most Outdoor Shooting Lanes. Because The Light Quality Is Different Outdoors Often It Means You Will Have To Extend Your Shooting Distances With A Scoped Weapon Somewhat To Lose The Scoring Grids For Realistic Hunt Simulation. Brilliant Direct Sunshine Tends To Make The Kill-Zone Grids Stand Out More; Cloudy or Dim Days Not So Much. Also, The Quality Of Lens Glass In Your Scope Will Have A Lot To Do With How Far You Will Need To Extend Your Shooting Distance Outdoors Before The Scoring Grids Become Unapparent On The Target Animal. So The Following Recommend Distances For Outdoor Ranges With A Scoped Weapon Are Approximate. Each Shooter Will Need To Experiment A Little To Get The Right Distance For Each Target And Weapon/Scope/Magnification Combination For Realistic Hunt Simulation Shooting.


Brilliant Direct Sunshine On Our Targets:

3X Magnification 35 to 45 Yards

4X Magnification 50 to 75 Yards

6X Magnification 100 Yards Or More

9X Magnification 150 Yards Or More


Cloudy, Shady, Or Less Bright Conditions:

3X Magnification 25 to 35 Yards

4X Magnification 35 to 45 Yards

6X Magnification 70 to 80 Yards Or More

9X Magnification 100 Yards Or More


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