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Q: When I shoot at my Shur Kill Targets, I can't see the grid lines...how will I know where to shoot?

A: Accu-Grid Technology is purposely designed so that when it comes time to shoot at your target at longer distances, the grid lines disappear. This will give you a realistic simulation of what it is like to shoot at a big game animal in the field, but then when you are done shooting you can see how well you have done on making clean kill shots. We suggest you take the mini-field manual with you and use it as a reference. It shows the kill-zone grid areas highlighted in green.


Q: Can I shoot at my Shur Kill Targets indoors?

A: Absolutely! They are designed to shoot indoors and outdoors. Just Make sure you have the right equipment, ear protection, shooting glasses, and a robust safety stop designed for indoor use behind the target.


Q: What shooting distances do I use with Shur Kill Targets?

A: Our targets can be used at any distance that is safe. We have included a recommended shooting distance chart in all of our target kits, but these are just recommended distances, and please feel free to shoot at whatever distance you are capable of making clean kill shots. Often times beginner shooters will shoot at a very close distance so they can see the gridlines and get to know the kill zone areas. Then, with some practice, you can shoot further back where the gridlines become much less apparent, or cannot be seen at all.


Q: I would like to buy a whole set of a particular target angle, like the "Quartering Away" shot, so that I can practice shooting at that angle. Is it possible for me to buy a single angle of target without having to buy a whole kit every time?

 A: Certainly. We sell each specific target we offer in bulk sets of just one angle or position. In this way you can custom design your training. Many of our most experienced hunters do just that and buy, let's say a "Frontal" shot target set, and then concentrate on practicing getting that particular angle down. Then, once they feel confident in their ability, they move on to another target angle.


Q: I have noticed that on your target simulations you do not give high scoring points for head and neck shots. A head shot always puts a deer down, so why not score those shots higher?

A: This is a good question. We feel from experience, and the experience of other hunters, that head and neck shots are usually pretty risky. We know of many occasions where a hunter aimed for the head or neck and just missed because the angle was too difficult; or worse yet, they wounded their target animal. Just a slight error in judgment, a tiny pull to either side when you decide to shoot, or even a little bit of wind, and your head or neck shot may be off an inch or two. On head and neck shots an inch or two out often means a wounded animal. Our philosophy is if you learn your anatomy on the vital areas of the chest, and make a conscious effort to aim for center of kill zone, even if your shot is off by a little bit when taking the shot, you are still very likely to hit somewhere in the vital area of the kill-zone.


Q: What size target archery foam block or bag can I use with your bowhunting simulation targets?

A: Ideally, any foam target block that is 24" x 24" down to 20" x 20 " will work pretty much perfectly. With some very minor modification, taking about 30 seconds, our targets will work just fine on foam blocks and bags from 30" down to 16", but you may need to trim a little around the edges to get a good fit. 


Have some more questions? Email us at: maurice@shurkilltargets.com

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