Gun Hunter Kit - Same Angle Target C 11"X14" "Mule Deer Front Quarter Shot" Marksman System Kit (5 Same Angle Targets Per Kit)

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Gunhunter Set of Five Same Angle "Target C" Marksman System Kit (1 Set of Five Same Angle Targets)

The Deer Hunter Series - Preseason Simulation Targets

Shur Kill Targets SKU:  KGH11X14-C

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Specifically designed for Gunhunter preseason shooting using hunting rifles, small caliber rifles, air rifles, muzzleloaders and pistols.  This Shur Kill Deer Hunter Series is perfect for:

  • Preseason Practice for the Experienced Big Game Bowhunter
  • Youth Bowhunter and New Bowhunter Training
  • Bowhunter Education Programs Emphasing "Ethical Bowhunting Shooting Skills"
  • Archery Target Ranges - Indoor and Outdoor
  • Hunt Clubs and Leases
  • Guides and Outfitters - Qualify Your Client's Ability
  • Competition Shooting

 This Gunhunter Preseason Simulation Target Kit contains:

  • Five (5) each 11" X 14" (Total of 5 targets) Full Color, Poster Grade Paper Targets Folded of Trophy Deer in one hunting angle and position encountered in real hunting scenarios as follows:  The Front Quarter Shot

Note:  Each Shur Kill Target "Kill-Zone Grid Area" has been computer designed with "Accu-Grid Anatomy Mapping Technology for correct kill-zone shot placement.  In use, this "Kill-Zone Grid Area" becomes imperceptible at shooting distance to simulate realistic hunting conditions.

  • Two (2) Score Cards with the Maximum Performance Simulation Training (MPST) Gunhunter Rating System to test and track your skill level.
  • "Taking The Shot" Mini-Field Manual with Scientific Kill-Zone Commentary and Instructional Color Graphics to help improve your shot placement.
  • Detailed Shooting Instructions with Scientific Commentary on Kill-Zone Shots from a Professional Wildlife Osteologist and the Designer of Shur Kill Targets.  "Hunters helping hunters to become better hunters".  
  • Proud Hunter Window Decal 6" X 3'.

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