A Totally New Angle in Big Game Hunting Simulation Targets

Posted by Maurice "M.L." Burleson, Business Manager on Jun 12th 2018

Our 1st Press Release

For Immediate Release 6/18/18

A Totally New Angle in Hunting Simulation Targets

This New Breed of Hunting Simulation Targets Will Likely Change the Way Hunters Get Ready for Hunting Season

Medford, OR: Just in time for the 2018 hunting season, Shur Kill Targets is premiering its newest series of hunting simulation targets for both the gunhunter and the bowhunter. Shur Kill's approach to true-to-life hunting simulation targets is far different than your ordinary paper target. Their team has spent countless hours of research, consulted the anatomical experts, and has ultimately come up with a series of individual big game animal targets that accurately represent a game animal's primary and secondary kill-zones as each animal is depicted in a variety of angles and challenging positions a hunter will naturally encounter in the field. Each of Shur Kill's hunting simulation targets is produced in high definition color, and utilizes computer generated ghosted kill-zones on each big game image using a process known as Accu-Grid Anatomy Mapping. Each Accu-Grid kill-zone on every Shur Kill hunting target is designed to be virtually imperceptible at normal shooting distances, thus conditioning the hunter to shoot at a natural looking, angled big game animal. But when the shooter examines the target after a shooting session, the ghosted Accu-Grid kill-zone is clearly visible, and a shooter will then be able to determine whether or not they scored positive kill shots, or whether they produced shots that would potentially wound an animal had it been a real hunting scenario.

Shur Kill's Senior Designer Todd Burleson, a lifelong hunter, trapper, and former wilderness guide, was asked about the inspiration and innovation behind their new series of real world, hunting simulation targets.

“A few years ago, I was on a Whitetail hunt back East and I made a tough, twilight shot on a nice 4x4 buck standing at a very difficult angle. My shot placement was true, but what I thought would be a lethal hit ended up with me having to search to find that buck for hours in the dark. When I finally found that buck the next day, I swore to myself this kind of thing would never happen again. So I set out to create realistic hunting simulation targets for myself that depicted various big game animals in a multitude of angles and positions a hunter would encounter while hunting. I spent literally hundreds of hours in the off-season learning big game animal kill-zone anatomy, and where those kill-zones actually were at different angles. I even went so far as to team up with a professional wildlife osteologist for 100% accuracy, and then translate all that information into hunting simulation targets that accurately represent a game animal's real kill- zone when that animal is standing at a certain angle or in a challenging, obstructed position.”

Burleson was shocked by the overwhelming response he received when he showed his angled, correct kill-zone hunting targets to other hunters. Through popular demand, what initially started out as simple cardboard and plywood cut-outs has now turned into a professional series of high definition, big game paper targets utilizing computer generated kill-zone imagery that accurately defines the exact kill zone area on a big game animal no matter the position or situation.

And the innovation doesn't stop there. Shur Kill Targets also includes a Maximum Performance Simulation Training (MPST) system in each one of their target kits, along with an accompanying score card specifically designed for each angled big game target. What this means is that each time a shooter practices shooting with a Shur Kill hunting simulation target or target series, they have the option to score themselves as they shoot, and when they are finished with a shooting session, the MPST rating system will score their overall hunter performance.

Burleson goes on to point out the major advantages between a Shur Kill hunting simulation target and an ordinary hunting target as it pertains to real-to-life hunting conditions.

“Almost every paper big game hunting target that is commercially available only represents a basic broadside shot, and some are pretty inaccurate when it comes to representing real kill- zones. The facts are the majority of big game encountered in real hunting rarely stand perfectly broadside, and the legitimate kill-zone for a bowhunter is often very different than for a gunhunter, so many hunters have a very limited idea where the actual real kill-zone is on an angled big game animal with their weapon of choice. Even the larger, full-dimensional poly- foam targets popular with bowhunters are extremely limited when it comes to practice shooting at realistic hunting angles. Shur Kill solves this dilemma by providing the hunter with a preseason series of inexpensive, practice hunting targets that accurately represent where these kill-zones really are, according to the hunter's weapon of choice, when a game animal is angled or positioned in a challenging scenario.”

In down-to-earth terms, Burleson sums up the real passion and purpose behind Shur Kill Targets.

“A new hunter or youth hunter just starting out would greatly benefit from repeated practice using our hunting simulation targets before they venture out into the field. If a new hunter consistently shoots with each of our hunting targets in a series, within a very short time they will have mentally reinforced exactly where the right kill-zones are on a big game animal no matter the weapon being used, or the angle or position of the animal. A new hunter with this kind of reinforcement training will then be properly equipped to make a clean, one-shot kill on their next big game animal opportunity, which is our absolute ethical responsibility as hunters.

“At the same time, our targets are also designed for the seasoned gunhunter and bowhunter who spends thousands of dollars and countless hours getting ready for that split second, once-in-a- lifetime shot on a trophy buck or bull. Each trophy animal is earned – each one requires intentional actions before and during the hunt. The way to seal the deal on that next wallhanger is to have repeatedly practiced every scenario that may be encountered when it comes time to take the shot. Shur Kill Targets has put together the real-world practice simulation for you, and has provided the hunter with anatomically correct, kill-zone big game targets and a corresponding training system to prepare you for that upcoming moment when you absolutely must have a 'sure kill', or go home empty-handed...”

Shur Kill hunting simulation targets come in two different sizes and are anatomically kill-zone specific for either the gunhunter or the bowhunter. The 11”x14” simulation target series is anatomically designed for the gunhunter and can be used with a rimfire rifle, small caliber rifle, large caliber rifle, air rifle, muzzleloader, shotgun, and pistol. The 18”x24” simulation series is anatomically designed for the bowhunter and can be used with a compound bow, recurve bow, and open-sight or scoped crossbow. The 18”x24” target series is also designed and sized to fit most popular archery foam shooting blocks.

About Shur Kill Targets: Shur Kill Targets LLC produces state-of-the-art, multi-angled, hunting simulation targets. Shur Kill targets are available at their website: shurkilltargets.com and will soon be available at popular retailers and shooting ranges. The team at Shur Kill is made up of dedicated hunters who are committed to the promotion of ethical hunting practices, the passing on of the legacy of hunting to the next generation, and defending our constitutional second amendment rights.

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