Hunters Helping Hunters

Posted by Maurice "M.L." Burleson, Business Manager on Jun 7th 2018

At Shur Kill Targets, we are about "Hunters Helping Hunters" to become better hunters through "Real World Hunting Simulated Target Practice".  As a new company with a fresh new way of using paper face targets, we would appreciate your involvement and feedback.  We invite you to share your comments with us and other fellow hunters.  This is a place where you can tell fellow hunters your story:

How using Shur Kill Targets has improved your shooting skill level.

How using Shur Kill Targets has educated you regarding better ethical shot placement.

How using Shur Kill Targets has increased your over-all hunting confidence.

How using Shur Kill Targets  "youth" free e-target download"  got your kids involved with hunting.

How using Shur Kill Targets has made practice shooting more hunting realistic.

How using Shur Kill Targets has made competition more fun with your fellow hunters.

Create and send us your videos of how you setup and use Shur Kill Targets, how you and your shooting buddies compete with one another, and how you have mastered a target angle at a certain shooting distance.  Be creative and provide insights that can be used by other hunters.  We are looking for stories and videos that can be used in our forthcoming web page called "Shur Kill Bragging Rights".    

Tell us how we can make our products and services better so we can earn your trust and loyalty.  

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