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Here's what  some other "experienced hunters" are saying about Shur Kill Targets: 

5 Stars - “The different hunting angles add realism to the shooting session and keeps you sharp for different senarios in the off season. I like the fact that these targets do not have a visible bullseye. The Accu-Grid is not visible at shooting distance which draws me to the “kill-zone” naturally making these targets much more beneficial for “real world” practice. The range score card is a neat feature that I have not seen with simuliar marketed targets. The accu-grid is an excellent feature. The repair stickers attach firmly and remain attached even when shot again and again. The targets heldup well in moderate wind and they are the perfect size for hanging on a target carrier at the indoor range. The “Taking The Shot” pamphlet is a nice feature for new and experienced hunters alike. I think the targets are very practical and are a excellent training tool”. Michael S – Iowa 163 days per year in the field. 

4 Stars - “The scorecard is a very unique and out of the box kinda idea. I really enjoyed shooting these targets and keeping score just adds something different to shooting. I shot these targets in the field and they held up really well and added different elements to shooting that you will face while hunting. Really enjoyed these targets. Randy V – Tennessee 200 days per year in the field.

5 Stars - “Liked the unique different kill shot angles, green kill shot area, target patch dots and scoring system. Shot at targets in different weather. Used my rifle as well as a bow. Green a little hard to see with bow at 40 yards but easy at 20 and 30 yards. I really liked the patches which allow you to shoot at multiple times. As an instructor, I could see real benefit for hunter safety courses, scoring and multiple use. Rowdy M – Wyoming 200 + days per year in the field.

5 Stars - “Better practice than shooting dots. I have not seen a product like this. I believe it is great practice. I have killed countless deer in my life and it had me concentrating on making good shots. I usually shoot dots, which is boring and repetative. This product would be exceptional for teaching new shooters and hunters. The best way to practice real world hunting senarios is to put your self in the situation. I feel very confident after using these targets I will make a great shot when the time comes. I really like the material. It would hold up great in the rain. I held it under faucet in sink and still had to pull to rip it”. Stephen M – Mississippi 130 to 160 days per year in the field.

4 Stars - “Shot the images at different ranges. Product was great and stoodup to many shots” Charles H – Virginia 175 days per year in the field.

5 Stars - “Liked the unique angles of the images and not just the heart & lung kill zones. These targets are top knotch!”. Vincent C – New Jersey 90 to 120 days per year in the field.

5 Stars - “The unique set up of the targets and the animal positions really give an amazing feeling to how those situations arise in the field”. Norman R – Tennessee 175 days per year in the field.

5 Stars - "I was asked to field test the new Shurkilltargets.  Upon arrival, I  found the product to be unique.  The quality of the graphics and directions are excellent.  I was excited to field test all five of the Bow targets with my crossbow.  I live and hunt in the U.P. of Michigan. Most of the deer hunting is done in heavily forested areas.  Hunters clear shooting lanes in areas where deer come and go from feeding to bedding areas.  My blind is located in a thick swamp of approximately 3000 acres. My shooting lane is 35 yards long and 25 feet wide.  Deer crossing or momentarily stopping in these lanes rarely present the perfect standing broadside shot. I have been targeting a 180 class buck for two years.  He presented himself twice in this two year period.  I was reluctant to take the shot, once he was straight on (frontal) and the other he was quartering away.

A wounded deer in this 3000-acre swamp is something I could not chance ethically.  I took all 5 of the Shurkill Bow targets back to my blind.  I first placed the Frontal and Frontal Quartering target at the 35 yards range. Almost the identical location the "Narenta Phantom" was standing last Oct. I was able to place 4 of my 5 bolts in the kill zone on both targets.  I next placed the quartering target slightly inside the wood line and sent 5 bolts down range. Once again I placed 4 of 5 bolts in the kill zone.  Practicing with these targets was fun and educational. I now have the confidence to send a bolt down range should one of these angles present themselves. I used the hole stickers to repair the targets and will go back at least one more time before Oct. 1st.  The quality and price point is excellent.  Just maybe this year the Narenta Phantom will be on the wall.    I would highly recommend this product!"

Michael G - Michigan 

 5 Stars - "Hey I just tested out the Target Kill 1000.  I love it.  It is the best targets I have seen and you guys did perfectly working on them".  Justin R -Minnesota  8 years experienced in hunting.

5 Stars - "I really enjoyed this target, not only was it a quality product but the way it was designed really does test  the shooter and his ability.  I would rate it 5/5 and I hope that the practice I got carries into deer season.  Caleb B - California.

5 Stars - "The targets were excellent.  I would rate them as a 5.  I loved all the shooting angles that allowed you to see how skilled you were at shooting deer from the side or looking right at you.  The outline and pictures of the deer allows you to adjust your sights and increase your skill and accuracy.  I would definitely recommend to others as these are a great product".  Jeff M - Pennsylvania.  27 years experienced in hunting.   

5 Stars - "I loved the Shur Kill Deer Hunting Targets.  They came in real handy for teaching my daughters about shot placement due to this being their first year hunting!  I enjoyed using them as well.  Donovan S - Oregon.  35 years experienced in hunting.

4 Stars - "The grid repair stickers are nice because you get the most out of the target.  Had a great time shooting the targets.  The real life photo of each animal is great.  The anatomy is also a great feature because it also teaches.  Ryan W - Pennsylvania.  200 days a year in the field.

5 Stars - "The material was excellent.  Angle shot targets is a huge improvement over typical.  Loved the score card.  Overall excellent product.  Different angle shots and partial obstructed shots makes this product standout.  Carman C - Virginia.  250 days per year in the field.

5 Stars - "This was an excellent tool to use.  I had a great experience with the product.  My new scope was easy to sight-in and the detail targets helped me get the scope right on the money.  The quality of the photos are spot on.  I'm very pleased with the product and plan to use more targets down the road to make sure my shot will count in the field"  Jason G - Ohio 185 days per year in the field.

4 Stars - "My only feedback would be that it would be nice to have bigger targets, ideally the size of the game on the target.  It would add to being more realistic".  Mitch D - Maine  200 days per year in the field.

4 Stars - "I had never used or heard of real life scenario paper targets before, the scoring sheet was also a nice feature.  This is a good product and it appears a good amount of thought went into its design.  Making anything a scoreable task always adds more fun"  Cody M - Minnesota  90-120 days per year in the field.

4 Stars - "The material that they are made of is great.  It makes them easy to use.  I really liked the different angles and looks of the targets.  Maybe make them a little bigger, if that is possible".  I will recommend them to my friends".  Kimsey K - Ohio  180 days per year in the field.

5 Stars - "The different angles made for a more realistic feel while testing rifles for our upcoming deer season.  Also, just like we shot silhouette targets in the army, I believe this gives a mental boost when it is time to harvest a real animal.  Target durability was amazing!  I tested all targets with multiple calibers at various ranges using my hand loads only.  Targets held up very well even after several sub MOA groups."  Patrick U - Arkansas  100+ days per year in the field.  

5 Stars - "I absolutely love the scoring cards and scoring system.  This also could be used with competition with your hunting buddies.  Fun and practice = success!!  Love the angles and different shot opportunities.  This is perfect for teaching my grandkids kill zones.  Targets were used at 50 to 100 yards.  They stood up to the test and each target was shot multiple times.  Easy setup and easy to score".  Chris M - Kentucky - 53 years old and 120 days per year in the field.   


Here's what some "less experienced hunters" are saying about Shur Kill Targets:

5 Stars - "They are extremely durable, hold up well to many shots and wet weather.  The pictures on the targets are life-like.  I enjoyed shooting these targets.  The grid pattern are a great addition.  Everything was spectacular!.  Keep cranking out the good targets"  Travis H - Tennesse  28 years old and 200 days per year in the field.

5 Stars - "I used the targets to sight in a new deer rifle and they worked perfectly".  Parker S - Missouri - 18 years old and 250 days per year in the field.

5 Stars - "Shot all of them at 100 yards and it was a great experience.  I love all the different angles and especially with the brush making it a tricky shot"  Bryant D - Louisiana - 25 years old and 210 days per year in the field.

5 Stars - "Every shot at these situational targets make you more likely to succeed in placing that perfect "kill shot" in real life hunting.  Definitely recommend these targets for new and experienced hunters.  Really liked the scoring system" Doug K - Pennsylvania - 46 years old and 75 days per year in the field.

4 Stars - "The life like targets were awesome.  Instead of having a colored target to draw my eye, I had to slow down and think of my shot placement.  I really enjoyed these targets and the bright green kill zone allowed me to test my shot group easily"  Richard S - Kentucky - 40 years old and 150 days per year in the field.

5 Stars - "My overall experience with the targets were awesome and helped major in sighting in my scope which was off about an inch.  I have never seen hunting targets with obstructions and bull eye 3 grid sight in targets".  Brad H - New York - 28 years old and 200 days per year in the field.

5 Stars - "Great overall target and product.  The kill shot markings was really nice with the picture of deer".  Brian C - Pennsylvania - 29 years old and 200 days per year in the field.

4 Stars - "Great way to practice and sight in on a realistic scenario and multiple different angles and challenges that can be used anywhere.  A great product".  Shawn G - Minnesota - 30 years old and 180 days per year in the field.

4 Stars - "Value product.  I like it that you use thicker paper that doesn't tear when you staple it to a board.  That, in my opinion, is the sign of a quality product.  The sight in target is easy to use.  Instead of counting squares, you just look at which circle you hit and adjust accordingly".  Ethan R - New Mexico - 27 years old and 150 + days per year in the field.

5 Stars - "I used the sight in target to sight in my new rifle.  I then used the image targets to provide my mind with confidence for the field.  Daniel W - Mississippi - 25 years old and 200 days per year in the field.

4 Stars - "I like how it shows the best spot to shoot the deer.  With the experience I had with these targets, I would definely recommend them to other hunters, especially to beginning shooters.  To be honest, I don't think that this product could be any better".  Ryan B - Vermont - 17 years old and 27 days per year in the field.

5 Stars - "Product performed very well for me.  Easy to use, highly visible and very educational targets teaching best shot placement for ethical kill based on angle/position of game.  The vital area has a unique pattern in which I've never seen".  Michael M - Pennsylvania - 30 years old and 150 days per year in the field. 

5 Stars - "The quality of the targets is exceptional.  They held up ectremely well after 20 + rounds of .308, .300, & .270.  Most targets that I have used, after 10 shots, start to fall apart when shot with my .208.  I would reccomend these targets to anyone who wants to practice pin point accuracy.  We shot these targets in a open cotton field at 100 yards to 300 yards and they worked well.  Tim S Alabama - 22 years old and 150 days per year in the field.

4 Stars - "Worked great at short, medium and long ranges.  Easy to hang and didn't rip and tear in windy conditions.  Great real life hunting with helpful vitals showing.  Isaac V Minnesota - 18 years old and 200 days per year in the field.

5 Stars - "Will be using these targets more.  They are worth the money and really easy to use and see.  Most targets don't show where to hit a deer at different angles.  Britney W Oregon - 26 years old and 105 + days per year in the field.

5 Stars - "I loved the Shur Kill Targets.  Used them many different times for everything from sighting-in my rifle to a practice session at the range.  Even shot my bow a few times at the partially obstructed target to be more prepared for in the field experience.  The product was sturdy and did not far apart in rainy weather.  Really appreciated the kill-zone grids which made for a more realistic experience.  Joseph D South Carolina - 29 years old and 100 + days per year in the field.













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