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Item #1000 Shur Kill Targets Gun Short Range Deer Hunter Training Kit

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Item #1000 Shur Kill Targets Gun Short Range (<100 yards) Deer Hunter Training Kit

Each Kit Contains the Following:

2 ea. Gun Deer Frontal Shot Target A

2 ea. Gun Deer Quartering Away Shot Target B

2 ea. Gun Deer Front Quarter Shot Target C

2 ea. Gun Deer Broadside Shot Target D

2 ea. Gun Deer Partially Obstructed Shot Target E

2 ea. Gun Deer Sight-In Grid Shot Target 3G

2 ea. Gun Range Scorecards to record your skill level

50 ea. Gun Target Repair Stickers for extra rounds of shooting

1 ea. Mini-Hunter Education Manual - Gun vs Bow Kill Zones 

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"Promoting Proactive Humane & Safe Hunting Practice"

Always Use Protective Gear & A Safe Backdrop



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