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Kill-Zone Grids Disappear At Shooting Distance



If you take a close look at the larger target above, you can clearly see the scoring kill-zone grids. But if you look at the more distant target above, you will notice that you can no longer see the scoring grids.

This is done intentionally.

First, we have designed our simulation target's kill-zone grids to fade with distance so that at a more distant, realistic shooting range the shooter sees the big game animal as they naturally would in the field, and therefore, the shooter cannot see any form of a "bullseye" area on the target animal where to shoot. This focuses the shooter on making an appropriate kill shot without any help from an unnatural point of reference on the animal. Unfortunately, almost all other hunting targets out there do not take this into consideration, but instead have the shooter aim for a very unnatural, very pronounced "bullseye" area on the animal in the target, obviously something you just do not see in a real hunting situation.

Second, our simulation targets are also designed so that a young or inexperienced shooter can place their target up close with the kill-zone grids readily visible. In this way a novice shooter can see exactly where it is they need to aim to make a precise and humane kill shot in a variety of realistic field angles. This is why our targets are also a great way to introduce and teach a shooter-in-training the basics of making a very precise, positive shot on big game animals. Because of this, it is our opinion that every new shooter would be wise to spend some real time with our targets before they go out into the field on a real hunt, not only to increase their chance of success, but also to make sure there is a minimal chance of wounding an animal their first few hunting seasons.

At Shur Kill, our goal has been to produce hunting simulation targets that give you a real hunt-like experience. This is why we have purposely designed our simulation target scoring kill-zone grids to fade and disappear with shooting distance. By offering you, the shooter, a more realistic simulated hunt scenario to practice, it is going to bring a new challenge and excitement into your target shooting, and ultimately train you into an expert big game field shooter, no matter the angle of the shot!

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