New Hunter Education

 Hunter Education - Free 8-1/2" X 11" Hunting eTarget Download

For New & Young Hunters  

  • The perfect size for backyard or basement use with an air rifle
  • The perfect size for short range. .22 caliber practice shooting in the field
  • Instructional Content Included on Target
  • Can Be Used by Hunting Educational Facilitators or Parental Instructors to Point Out the Difference in Gunhunting versus Bowhunting Kill-Zones

Download Free eTarget Here



Shur Kill Targets is dedicated to the recruitment and skills training of a whole new generation of youth hunters and new hunters. As a service to the hunting community, we would like to offer an absolutely free target download for young hunters who are in the process of learning how to hunt and shoot. There are no strings attached and no email address required to download the target. Just simply click and download, and then print off as many copies of the target as you need. It is one of our most basic hunting simulation positions, and our free hunting simulation target will help to begin the process of training a young hunter or new hunter in a better understanding of proper kill-zone shooting on big game animals. This will not only dramatically increase their success in the field, it will ultimately reinforce the right and ethical way to properly "takedown" game animals while hunting.

The free target download is a standard PDF file, and should work on the majority of home and office color computer printers (set to color using high print resolution for best results - some computers/printers may require you to size print job to 11" width by 8.5" height). We welcome anyone to download and reproduce our free target as many times as they like, as long as it will be used with a new hunter or a young person under the age of 18 with adult shooting supervision using proper safety gear and safe shooting practices. We encourage State Hunter Education and Safety Instructors to utilize this free target as a part of their classroom and shooting range instruction. It is also free to download for any youth organization, club, school, or program to use where it may enhance a new hunter's or young person's shooting experience. 

We also give permission to any non-profit hunting organization, state wildlife agency, hunting forum, hunting or shooting internet retailer, hunting business, hunting/shooting magazine, or any online hunting blog to advertise and link to this free target download for youth. It is about time we as a whole hunting community begin to proactively win back America's young people to hunting by giving them the right hunting resources and information to help in the fight against the anti-hunting agenda. Every single new young hunter or new shooter we help introduce to the positive experience of hunting and shooting is one more person who will help to ensure the continuation of our beloved hunting tradition, as well as our time-honored 2nd amendment rights.



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