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Our Scoring Kill-Zones Are Anatomically Correct


Each Of The Big Game Animals Represented On Our Hunting Simulation Targets Have Been Scientifically Mapped For Accurate Kill-Zones.


During The Creation Of Each Target A Professional Wildlife Osteologist Was Consulted And Kill-Zones Were Modified To Exact Specification According To Bone Structure And Bone Density.


Computer Technology With Specialized Grid Mapping Graphics Was Then Used To Accurately Depict The Kill-Zones On Each Big Game Animal Represented.


What This Means Is That Every Shur Kill Simulation Target Is Anatomically Correct And Scoring Grids Accurately Represent Real Hunting Kill-Zones.













Our Professional Wildlife Osteologist Consultant



"Working as a professional wildlife osteologist for many years, I have seen lots of bones that have damage from bullets and broad heads. These animals often survive a hunter's poorly placed shot, although the consequence of this projectile injury is devastating to the animal. Since the injured animal can't see a vet or go to an emergency room, it has to live with these injuries for the remainder of its life.

"As a hunter and dedicated conservationist, it is a matter of personal pride for me to make a clean kill with proper shot placement. I sleep much better at night knowing I haven't left some poor animal wandering around the mountains with a debilitating injury. This is why I volunteered my anatomical expertise to the design of the Shur Kill Target project. I want to make sure that other hunters understand what the correct kill-zones really are in the various positions and angles of big game they will encounter in the field.

"I should also add that the anti-hunting movement has gained a foothold in much of the country. When pictures of a living deer with an arrow sticking out of it or some coyote missing a chunk of its head from a misplaced bullet, circulate in the public view, it gives the anti-hunting movement traction. By making a good shot placement and a clean kill, you stop this argument from taking place." - Nate Hart


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