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Promotion Influence Partners

Shur Kill Angle Targets are all about Ethical & Humane Deer Hunting Clean Kill Shot Placement!  We believe every deer hunter has a responsibilty to become skilled in making "Clean Kill Shots" by learning anatomicially accurate angle kill-zones before aiming their weapon and taking a shot.  This skill is best acquired by watching deer hunting instructional videos and practice shooting at weapon sight-in targets and deer simulation angle paper & virtual targets.  We owe this skill to the deer we love to hunt.  

To encourage promotion of ethical humane shot placement deer hunting skill, Shur Kill Targets is looking for "Promotion Influence Partnerss" who feel our Simulation Angle Target Kits would be beneficial to their followers.  If you fall into this category, we will extend a 10% coupon discount ($2.00 per kit) to your followers from our $19.95 Kit Price.  You can pass on this coupon discount code to your followers that they can use at our website checkout.  Additionally, we will send your organiztion a 10% "Promotion Fee" ($2.00 per kit) for acquainting us with your followers which will be paid monthly for as long as this coupon code is used.  We will pay $3.00 per kit if your followers are over 100,000. 

Contract Requirement All "Promotion Influence Partners" must shoot one of our kits for evaluation purposes and confirm they believe our kits will be beneficial to their followers before we grant them status as "Promotion Influence Partner".  

If you want to explore this matter in greater detail or request a kit for evaluation purposes, contact us:  

Maurice "ML" Burleson, Owner

If you need for us to provide you AD copy, images, artwork etc. for newsletter, emailing, website, etc. let us know.  You can send us your rough copy layout and we will create a copy for your approval. 


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