Range Gun Pack-50 of 11"x14" Mule Deer Front Quarter Angle Shot, Target C (50 Targets Per Pack)

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Range Gun Pack-50 of Front Quarter Angle, Target C (50 Targets Per Pack)

 The Deer Hunter Series Simulation Targets

 Shur Kill Targets SKU: RGH11X14-C

Shur Kill Targets Item #: 1013

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Total Minimum Order:  $300.00 USD of assorted Range Gun Packs (Items 1011 - 1015).

 Our "Range Gun Pack-50 Targets" have been specifically assembled for indoor and outdoor gun shooting ranges.  Every target includes a scorecard with shooting instructions and is shipped flat (unfolded condition) in a poly bag for easy displaying, handing out targets-scorecards and storing. 

  • Target Size:  11" X 14"  Full Color, Poster Grade Paper Target Unfolded.
  • Quantity Per Pack:  50 each of the same angle target per pack.
  • Manufactured in USA under an exclusive copyright license agreement, patent pending.
  • Each Shur Kill Target "Kill-Zone Grid Area" has been computer designed with "Accu-Grid" Anatomy Mapping Technology for correct  kill-zone shot placement.  In use, this"Kill-Zone Grid Area" becomes imperceptible at shooting distance to simulate realistic hunting conditions.


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