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Trophy Deer In Five Challenging Hunting Angles

Bringing Realistic Hunting Simulation To Year-Round

Target Shooting  


Note: Cardboard Target Reinforcement Backing Excluded (size made shipping cost to expense)

Kit has been changed from 2 Sets To 1 Set - See Component List Below

Display Your Skill


Proudly display this 6"W x 3"H Oval Window Decal

"Our way of saying thank you for being a responsible hunter"


Deer Hunter Personal Challenge

What is your shot placement skill level?  Are you skilled enough to take a "Shur Kill Angle Shot" opening day or have things changed?  The hunters we know are very responsible and care deeply about taking a Shur Kill Shot!  Therefore, before entering the woods on opening day, be confident of your skill level. It only cost you $20 as a gun hunter or $25 as a bow hunter to find out your current skill level!  Should you need to improve, keep practicing until you master the target.  Consider this challenge a part of your annual deer hunting "sight-in tune-up".  Guaranteed to give you that extra"success edge" & confident builder needed on opening day!  "Thank You" for being a responsible hunter.

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You get the following "Marksman System Kit" Components:

5 Different Trophy Deer 11”X14” Poster-Grade Targets Folded (1 Set)

Repair Stickers For 2 Extra Shooting Rounds Per Target.

3 Round Score Cards at multiple yardages and shooting positions

3 Scoring Levels – Intermediate – Advanced – Expert

Set-Up Yardage Instructions and Mini-Field Manual

Proud Hunter Window Decal 6”X3”

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