The Front Quarter Shot Archery


 The Front Quarter Shot

For the bowhunter this shot can be a little tricky. If you are on a real hunt, do not take this shot at this angle if the animal is moving forward. Wait for the animal to come to a complete stop before attempting this shot angle. The shoulder bone (scapula) and leg bone (humerus) are at play here, and when walking the shoulder and the leg bones move forward and back and can get in the way of what would otherwise be a clean shot opportunity to the vital area. Make sure to take your shot well inside of both contours of the shoulders. This will put a broadhead directly into the heart area with plenty of lung and arteries being cut as the arrow passes through the chest cavity.


We Do Not Recommend Attempting This Specific Shot Angle During A Real Hunt With A Traditional Bow Or Compound Bow Using Lighter Arrows At Lower Feet Per Second (FPS). This Shot Is Reasonable In The Field When Shooting At Higher Arrow Speeds And When Using Heavier Arrows. Please Remember Momentum Is More Efficient Than Speed When It Comes To Taking Down Big Game With Archery Equipment. Speed Is What Gets Your Arrow To Your Target...Momentum Is What Happens After It Hits Your Target.



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