The Frontal Shot Archery



The Frontal Shot Archery

Here is a hunting angle that is often the cause of wounded animals every year, especially among bowhunters. At first glance, it would seem as if there would be much in the way of a generous kill-zone, but this is just not the case. The vitals on this angle are sandwiched tightly between plenty of heavy skeletal structure.

For the bowhunter, there is little room for error on this shot angle, and untold thousands of bowhunters have negative outcomes on this shot every season. Hitting lower center mass is absolutely critical. If you cannot shoot a consistent 3 to 4 inch arrow group at the appropriate yardage, do not attempt this shot at this angle! However, put a properly placed broadhead dead-center on a straight forward buck as this frontal buck is represented and it will cause extensive damage to the vitals.

We Do Not Recommend Attempting This Specific Shot Angle During A Real Hunt With A Traditional Bow Or Compound Bow Using Lighter Arrows At Lower Feet Per Second (FPS). This Shot Is Reasonable In The Field When Shooting At Higher Arrow Speeds And When Using Heavier Arrows. Please Remember Momentum Is More Efficient Than Speed When It Comes To Taking Down Big Game With Archery Equipment. Speed Is What Gets Your Arrow To Your Target...Momentum Is What Happens After It Hits Your Target.



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