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The Partially Obstructed Shot Archery


 The Partially Obstructed Shot Archery

The bowhunter has little room for a mistake here, and only a well-practiced bowhunter should attempt this shot with some of the vital areas partially obstructed. The main lung area is covered by tree limbs with only the very top of the lung area exposed. The top of the shoulder bone (scapula) is predominant, and a shot into the shoulder will likely embed your broadhead in the shoulder bone. Thus, the shot you decide to take in this scenario needs to be precise and well thought out.

The best option in this situation is to put your arrow through the top of the lungs directly behind the top of the shoulder. With that said, because the kill-zone in the lungs is so limited, and the neck is well exposed, a neck shot is also a viable option as long as it is understood that the buck in this scenario has exaggerated neck muscle size because of the rut. it is critical for the hunter to put his arrow into the center of the neck, just below the vertebrae of the spine. A broadhead entering here will likely cut the trachea, carotid artery, and juglar vein.



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