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The Treestand Shot





The Treestand Shot 

Here is a hunting angle that is very common for many Whitetailed Deer gunhunters from a treestand. This particular target angle simulates the view a hunter would see approximately 12-15 feet up in a treestand, with the buck stopped momentarily, quartering away, looking back and up as though he senses something above him. Most seasoned gunhunters hunting in treestands have experienced this exact same scenario and top down shot angle many times in the field.

Notice how the top back of the animal now comes more into visual play than at the ground level angles, and the kill-zone has shifted slightly lower. This is a good gunhunter shot and even if the shot is a little high, somewhere along the back and into the backbone, the end result will be a bone-crushing done deal.  The lung and heart area is well exposed at this angle, making this a prime kill-zone, especially where all the vitals are stacked together.  

Keep in mind that shooting from a treestand or elevated platform offers good shot opportunities.  However, as you climb higher, access to the vitals becomes smaller for crossbow and archery bow shots because the deer shoulder bone and spine shield more of the vital organs.  


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